Build or Buy? Choosing the Right Visual Search Strategy for Your Business

This guide walks eCommerce product leaders through the pros, cons, and costs of building visual search in-house versus purchasing a vendor solution, so you can make the most efficient and impactful decision for your brand.

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Inside the Guide:

building visual search

As visual search and visual-AI-powered solutions quickly become critical parts of the on-site experience, brands and retailers around the world are weighing whether building or buying this technology is the way to go. This guide covers factors including cost, resources, speed, return on investment, and core tech capabilities to help you determine what’s right for your business.

Learn about:

  • The new role of visual search in eCommerce customer experience
  • The business impact of visual-AI-powered technologies
  • The cost, resources, and time involved in both building and buying visual search
  • A strategic framework to guide you through the decision-making process
  • Necessary capabilities for effective visual search and evaluation criteria

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build visual search

What You’ll Learn:

How visual search is transforming customer journeys
The business impact of visual search and related technologies
The core capabilities needed for successful visual search
What’s involved in building visual search in-house
A decision-making framework to understand what’s right for your business