Fashion’s Fundamental Guide to eCommerce Site Search

Dive into the inner workings and common pitfalls of eCommerce site search for fashion, get a framework for benchmarking your search performance, and learn about a new site search infrastructure that ensures you surface relevant results for high-intent shoppers and capture more search-generated revenue.


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Inside the Guide:

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Get a comprehensive guide about how eCommerce site search works, where it may be failing your customers, and how you can build a better search experience and increase conversion in kind. In this eBook, you’ll gain insight into:

  • The common pitfalls of eCommerce site search
  • How to measure search performance
  • A new generation of site search technology that drives conversion by 6.42X
eCommerce site search

What You’ll Learn:

How traditional site search works, and where it goes wrong

How to measure the effectiveness of your search solution

How visual AI enables smarter site search

The impact AI-powered search has on key metrics

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