The eCommerce Discovery Design Playbook

This playbook for eCommerce product managers gives you three no-fluff cheat sheets to help improve your product detail pages, category pages, as well as your search bar and results page. The bite-sized advice is designed to create more intuitive product discovery experiences and to drive up your conversion rate in kind.

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Inside the Playbook:

eCommerce discovery design

Get three cheat sheets designed to help you connect shoppers with the right products as quickly and intuitively as possible. Download the eCommerce Discovery Design Playbook to access:

  • Actionable strategies for designing higher-converting PDPs and PLPs
  • Quick fixes to make site search more effective
  • An understanding of the details that matter most to shoppers looking for products on your site


discovery design

What You’ll Learn:

How and where to use images to improve shopper experience

Must-have search bar functionalities

What to prioritize on your PDPs

How to promote engagement on PLPs