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With the best Visual AI technology, Syte gives retail clients the power to increase customer engagement, and boost conversation and sales.
These are some of the many companies that use Syte and what they have to say about us.


“With Syte, Venca increased conversion rate by 3.8X and average time on site by 3.9X.”

Jordi Badia

CIO - CDO Digital Lola Commerce

“Now you can take a photo of something and visual analysis can search and show you similar garments. That kind of intellectual property doesn’t come from SAP, but a startup — Syte — and now there’s tons of interest from customers. That’s a great example of accelerating innovation.”

Moritz Zimmermann

CTO, SAP Customer Experience

“Syte has delivered astonishing growth in a very short time within Microsoft’s global Co-sell marketplace. Versus the cohort of comparable global startups, Syte qualified with unprecedented speed for the award status of Microsoft Gold marketing investment within their first 5 months, due to the volume growth of qualified pipeline opportunities, the rate of account wins to date, the size of the contracts won, and the ease of market fit. It is truly unusual and impressive.”

Yuval Chayo

Sr. Partner Development, Manager | ISV's

“We have seen that visitors who engage with ‘View Similar’ on the PDP have a conversion rate over 100% higher than those who do not and the AOV is 12% higher. Lastly, pages per session are over 135% higher.”

Andrew Thomson

Director of eCommerce

“Syte’s performance ended up being 4 to 6 times better than competition especially when it came to real world and Instagram benchmarks.”

Lesley Comrie

Head of Marketing and Partnerships