McGee & Co. Cultivates Brand Loyalty and Drives Conversion Through Syte’s Visual AI

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McGee & Co. is an interior design brand created by Studio McGee, well-known for its leading show on Netflix, “Dream Home Makeover”. The home decor retailer offers designer pieces with a mission to “Make Life Beautiful,” with curations by founder Shea McGee. For McGee & Co., building a loyal network of customers is top of mind, as is attracting new clients and building long-term relationships.

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From Out-of-Stock Scenarios to Relevant Results and Conversion

Customer satisfaction is a high priority for McGee & Co. A key part of this is connecting shoppers with relevant products early on in their online journey, especially when specific items aren’t available. With current shortcomings in the global supply chain, many retailers are facing the issue of out-of-stock items that may be so for some time. McGee & Co. sought a solution to reduce friction and offer highly relevant alternatives when a shopper lands on the product detail page (PDP) of an out-of-stock item. 

In addition, getting similar results was also a struggle for the brand. “I don’t know how many different recommendation engines I tried that were AI-driven, and the results never panned out the way we wanted them to,” explains Josh Batchelor, McGee & Co.’s VP of Technology.


McGee & Co. Includes Syte’s Product Recommendations To Create Brand Loyalists

McGee & Co. implemented Syte’s Visual Discovery solution to help connect its shoppers with relevant and complementary home decor pieces with a high degree of accuracy. 

Now, when customers inadvertently arrive on a PDP for an out-of-stock item, McGee & Co. includes Syte’s product recommendation carousels at the top of the page so customers are immediately served up similar items. “Our hope is that the recommendations are going to delight the customer, and they’ll find something similar and not go away disappointed,” Batchelor says.

McGee & Co. has also implemented Syte’s AI Tagging & Merchandising solution, which automates product tagging and enriches product data to boost text search and streamline merchandising. McGee & Co. has seen a notable jump in efficiency by not having to manually tag items or curate recommendation carousels. 

“With Syte, our customers are finding what they’re looking for. They’re getting to the right product and going through checkout,” adds Batchelor.

Since implementing Syte, we’ve been able to start tying products together. We’re trying to ensure that as customers are finding an end table or a couch, they’re also finding the complementary pieces that are part of the collection and making sure they’re getting those served up when they need.