How Rinascimento Built Brand Loyalty and Increased CVR by 2.68X With Syte’s Product Discovery Platform

CVR Uplift
Higher AOV
Uplift in ARPU

Rinascimento is on a mission to cement its position as a leading innovator in retail, both in stores and online. The Italian brand is laser-focused on quality, detail, and delivering highly personalized shopping journeys. Founded in Italy, Rinascimento is distributed in more than 90 countries, with more than 7,000 points of sale, 54 single-brand stores, and 37 Rinascimento Fits locations. The brand caters to all women with a wide range of styles that are designed to inspire individuality and fun.

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Creating a Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience

Rinascimento strives to create the same level of personalization and service online as they offer in their stores. At the same time, the brand wanted to differentiate itself from competitors with a highly innovative online buying experience that fortifies brand loyalty and drives revenue growth. Rinascimento’s objectives were:

  • Enhance their online presence to increase brand awareness and cultivate loyalty
  • Expand product search and discovery capabilities with visual AI
  • Encourage avid in-store shoppers to buy online

Syte’s Product Discovery Platform Takes Personalization to the Next Level

Syte’s core Visual Discovery Suite, including Camera Search, the Discovery Button, and Recommendation Engines (Shop Similar) enabled Rinascimento to create a more intuitive and individualized experience for shoppers. With sophisticated product discoverability and personalization capabilities, the retailer boosted both engagement and revenue.

  • Visual AI helped boost conversion by 2.68X
  • AOV has increased by 17%
  • Average revenue per user is up by 415%

“As soon as we partnered with Syte, we received immediate positive feedback from customers about the unique and innovative features on our website. They engage with the site much more and are able to find products in a natural way.”

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