How Boohoo Transformed the Buyer Journey and Boosted Conversion by 1.85X With Syte’s Product Discovery Platform

Conversion Rate uplift With Camera Search
Higher Average Order Value
Uplift in Page Visits Per Session

Boohoo is on a mission to be young shoppers’ “fashion bestie,” which means creating memorable experiences that are individualized, fun, sustainable, and accessible around the clock. Founded in 2006, Boohoo is rapidly expanding its global reach and boasts a growing online community of more than 10 million followers. Boohoo’s main customers are Gen Z and Gen Y women, and its annual revenue exceeds £856 million.

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Discover how Syte’s product discovery platform can transform your customer journey.


Achieving High-Impact Product Discovery with Minimal Disruption

Boohoo identified the need to enhance product discovery throughout the buyer journey, but didn’t want a solution that would impose a heavy development burden or alter the user interface. They distilled their main goals down to the following:

  • Enhance the buyer journey and innovate product discovery
  • Offer shoppers more relevant recommendations with each search query
  • Simplify the product tagging structure and improve the user experience
  • Save development resources
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The Transformative Power of Syte’s Product Discovery Platform

With the added capabilities of Syte’s visual experience platform, Boohoo realized instant improvements in shopper engagement and overall spending. Camera Search nearly doubled their conversion rate, while Shop Similar boosted the number of page visits and increased the average order value.

  • Camera Search increased conversion by 1.85X compared to shoppers who don’t use it
  • Shoppers who engage with Shop Similar have 2X the conversion rate
  • The average order value rose by 12%
  • Pages per session skyrocketed 135%
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“Visitors who engage with Shop Similar on the product page have a conversion rate over 100% higher and the average order value is 12% higher than those who do not. Lastly, pages per session are over 135% higher.”

Andrew Thomson