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Visual Search On Google

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | March 10, 2021

What is a visual search on Google? How do you do one on the search engine mountain?

Today, more and more people are making use of this point. This is because visual search is simple, fast, and useful.

Very with the start of Google’s visual search.

Read on to know more.

Visual Search On Google

How does visual search operation? With the help of artificial intelligence or AI. With this, people can ask for something with the use of a picture.

Thus, making it more exact instead of searching using text. Also, each visual search program has different uses. Meaning, users can use it depending on their wants.

In Google’s case, the name of their visual search program is Google Lens. They worked this out in 2017.

As per one research, Google Lens is the most perfect versus its rivals. Why? Because it makes use of a lot of apps, like for Android users’ problem:

  • Photos
  • Google Search
  • Google Assistant

So, its strength is almost endless. Let us see one example. You may travel to a new land for a short rest.

But upon reaching the airport, you don’t know where to go. Then, you see a symbol with a sign. Where is it gone?

Well, you don’t know. You can’t read Japanese! So, what you can do is take a photo of the sign thru Google Lens.

Then, have it changed to your chosen language with the help of Google Translate.

Sounds easy and very important, right? So, that decreases your worry about going to a foreign land on your own.

Also, Google Lens was then connected with Google’s Image Search. Making its stories more important.

We can now see why it is growing among its competitors. In one study in 2019, Google has the most exact visual search effects.

Important Numbers

Google’s visual search is now also growing the most common. One reason is due to it moving interactive.

Here are some of the important numbers when it comes to Google Lens:

  • It can identify over a billion items and products
  • It is now done over one billion times
  • Brands see a rise of 33% in their buying ads when it comes to Google Lens. This is eleven times higher versus the 3% of text-based hunts.
  • Gives effect for over 19% of searches on Google

Also, Google not only has Google Lens for its visual search. They also give visual search Chrome plug-ins like:

  • Big Picture Analytics
  • The Cookie Crumbles
  • AD Personalization

One of these plug-ins is also of Images Vision. They use Flickr to search picture data to give better outcomes. Users can then:

  • select an image
  • keep palette tiles, color wheel, and color tiles
  • use default and customized visual search

Visual Search On Google is Useful

As you can see, there are many choices for doing a visual search on Google. Doing one is now very simple and quick. That is why a lot are getting full use of it, especially those in the retail area. Have you tried using it?


Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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