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Visual Search: How To Optimize eCommerce Site?

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Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

Are you in for the visual search trend? How can you equip your eCommerce site for visual search?

Visual Search Today

Visual search is the use of images in replace of text in search. This is kind of similar to voice search. But in visual search, we can make use of images. May it a saved picture from your gallery or an actual capture from your phone’s camera.

Moreover, visual search works through the capability of AI or artificial intelligence. Thus, it scans and analyzes an image’s components to generate results of similar or relevant images used online.

Visual search is widely in use in boosting visual platforms, like eCommerce. This is because eCommerce is highly dependent on pictures. In line with this, the use of images plays a big part in getting more sales.

However, despite having this as a general fact, many still fail to employ images with their platforms. Some were not able to achieve their full potential in visual search for eCommerce.

So, how?

This post will give you the basics of visual search optimization for eCommerce.

How To Optimize eCommerce Site For Visual Search?

Consider the following 5 tips in optimizing your eCommerce site for visual search.

The Use Of Images

Since we are talking about images, make sure to provide high-quality images. Be wary of pixelated uploads. This can give your users a bad impression of your brand. Also, this can not help them see through the product in a positive light. 

Thus, poor-quality images can deliver poor customer results. 

In addition to quality is the number of images used. Especially when you are selling a product. You should provide multiple photos. 

Why is this important?

Because this can let your customers see what the product is about throughout. Suppose you are selling shoes, then do not forget the angle with the sole in clear detail. On the other hand, if you are selling a bag, let the users zoom-in on its handle details.

Yes. These seemingly small details can greatly matter in selling. 

Not only that it can enhance your customer’s experience. But it can also maximize your chances of appearing in visual searches.

Provide Image Text

On your image settings, do not forget to put in your keywords. These include the image’s alt tags or descriptions. Also, this may include tags, file names, and captions.


This is the search engine’s way of reading your images. Thus maximizing your chances for appearing in visual searches.

Image Badges Matter

Image badges matter since 2017. These are “simple overlay labels” on an image. Also, categories may be either, videos, animations, products, or recipes, etc.

Fast Load Speeds Through Image Format

Fast page loading speeds can also make or break a customer. So take time to consider options in choosing image formats. Perhaps you can make use of scalable images. The goal is to have the right blend of fast load speeds and image quality.

Monitor and Improve

One best way of monitoring your site is through structured data tests. Running this kind of test can help you to have an accurate picture of how your site performs. 

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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