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Visual Search Fashion: The Future of Shopping

Trends and Future of Retail
Visual Search and AI
Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | January 27, 2021

We are visual beings. And that’s how visual search fashion entered the picture. Today, it is one way to future-proof shopping.

Why is that so? And how can it help both shoppers and brands? Read on to learn more.

Visual Search Fashion

If Cinderella is still alive, she would love to use visual search. She would have easily found her lost shoe. But how?

Well, all it would have taken is for her to snap a photo of the other shoe. Then, use the visual search tools to look for the other.

But, why are we talking about Cinderella and her lost shoe here?

Today, we face this frustration of not finding something we want to buy online. Yet, the visual search is here to save us from that frustration.

In a nutshell, visual search helps us find something we are looking for just by taking a photo of it. So, there’s no need to type words on the search bar! No more irrelevant and vague results.

But, how does it work?

What You See Is What You Shop

Visual search simplifies the whole shopping experience. So, let’s consider an example to help us understand easily.

Suppose you saw a lady wearing a red dress in a subway. Then, it caught your attention, and you suddenly felt the urge to buy the same dress.

Now, how are you gonna look for that? First, you’d search through your favorite search engine or online store. But, it showed you hundreds, if not thousands, of the red dress!

But to make things worse, none of them resemble the dress you want. So, the ending? You’ll only get frustrated.

But, things change with visual search. How?

Simply take a photo of the dress. You can also point it to using your camera. And voila! It will show you similar results of the dress.

Best Practices of Visual Search Fashion Process

Posting a high-resolution, detailed product image is not enough. It also doesn’t bridge the gap between online visual content and competition.

So, brands should encourage connection and inspiration. With the right visual search strategy, they can give the best experience for their shoppers.

Now, what are the stages in the process of visual searching? Let’s talk about three tips to improve the visual experience.

  1. Think about your shopper. Keep the perspective of helping them find the product of their dreams. So, you can give the most accurate results.
  2. Use attractive carousels. In that way, you can give suggestions based on insights.
  3. Consider adding videos. This will help them imagine the product more. Plus, they can see how it looks like in real life.
  4. Micro-personalize the suggestions. So, you can give an engaging visual experience, one that’s relatable for the user.
  5. Help find products with the least navigation. Hence, it can simplify the process. It will also avoid the frustration of long processes.

Visual Search for CX

At the end of the day, brands want to give the best shopping experience for shoppers. And this is something that shoppers crave for a long time. As we have discussed, visual search makes that happen. 

It doesn’t only allow them to engage with customers. It can also reduce the gap between product discovery and actual shopping. 

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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