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Visual Search Fashion: eCommerce Benefits

Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

Discover how visual search fashion delivers eCommerce benefits.

Today’s New Way Of Search

What’s more exciting than making use of a picture or an actual-captured photo in doing a search? 


Today, the advancements of technology have enabled new search technologies. Take visual search technology, for instance. Visual search is the use of pictures instead of keywords or text for searching.

Visual Search In eCommerce

This new way of searching has become today’s main way of search. Most especially when it comes to the fashion and retail industry. 


As a result, the eCommerce industry has become a more interesting market. Retailers of all sizes should therefore find ways to adapt themselves to these emerging technologies to reap the most benefits.


Their main goal is to convert browsers into customers.


But how can they do so?


Visual search has its own algorithms. For instance, optimization techniques like identifying, classifying, and tagging. 


These ways are mutually benefitting both parties. It streamlines a customer’s shopping experience, for instance. While at the same time, it better increases the revenue of retailers through its customers.


Let us take fashion eCommerce, for instance. 

Visual Search Fashion eCommerce Benefits

How does visual search benefit the fashion eCommerce industry?

1. Shoppable Print Ads & Magazines

Do you know that you can now shop through fashion magazines in seconds? 


Yes, you can.


Through a visual search, you can now snap and shop right through your phone. This is easy. You simply should have a visual search app on your phone. Then, you can snap a photo through the app. The app can then land you on a shopping page where you can buy that item you snapped.


By doing so, users are excused with the manual descriptive searches. Thus, making shopping easy with more fashion inspirations through magazines.

2. Better Informs Customers Of An Item

Visual search also helps a customer gain a better view of an item. 




Because visual search can not only land them on shoppable pages. But it can also inform them more about the item. A famous icon may have worn the same item, for instance. Perhaps this can increase a customer’s desire to proceed on a checkout. 


When customers gain more information about an item, they desire more of it. Visual search can help hesitant customers by feeding them with product information.


Not to mention that these can also lead them to special discounts and offers. Thus making it an ultimate tool for fashion e-commerce.

3. Simplifies and Streamlines Search Experience

This benefit should not miss the list. 


Simplifying processes for users are no doubt one of the best ways of earning a customer’s heart. For instance, customers can either directly snap a photo or upload a saved picture. Customers can also look for relevant products. 


This is mostly beneficial since not all customers are knowledgeable about describing items for search.

4. Provides Cost-Effective Fashion Solutions

On the other hand, a user could have spotted an outfit but at an expensive price. Visual search solutions can provide cost-effective solutions.


As mentioned, visual search can provide relevant or similar items on different shopping platforms. So customers can have more choices even in prices.

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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