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Visual Search Exercise Practice: What You Need To Know

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | February 5, 2021

Visual Search Exercise Practice.

We find this feature beneficial in the eCommerce industry. 

Even if you are interested, you may not know how to use it. 

To become an expert on something, we need to have the right amount of training or practice. 

So later on, you can do it on your own with confidence. 

So in this article, we will know more about visual search exercise practice. 

Through this, it will give us an idea of what we can expect this. 

On the other hand, you will see it yourself how much benefit it can bring for you. 

Visual Search Exercise Practice

When we are learning something, we need to have the goal of what kind of information we want. 

So, we can keep these goals in mind:

  • Basic information
  • Reasons why product discovery is important
  • Steps how to do it

First, we will discuss the basic information. 

Goal #1: Visual Search Exercise Practice Basic Information

When we know the basic information of something, it will serve as a foundation of our learning. 

Through this, it will serve as a principle. It will be like a guide for you to go on. 

So, it will have a big effect on you even when you are already learning complicated things.

On the other hand, it will leave a mental outline for you to follow. 

This is a strength for you. Because you will have something to remember that will keep you going. 

Also, the reason why you are doing it. 

Goal #2: Keep In Mind The Reason

This is important because it will keep your motivation moving. 

Through this, it will also help you to go on when there are problems. 

Why is it connected to practice? Because there is some information that you may find hard to absorb. 

With that, it may prevent you to continue if you are not familiar with everything. 

But with the right persistence, you will know how beneficial the training is. 

Also, you will know the basic information. You will go back to your goal for your practice. 

As a result, you will have the right motivation and will lead to success.

Goal #3: Steps To Do It

So how do you do it?

The first thing you can do is to identify the eCommerce that has that feature.

You can open one for your reference. After that, you can tap or click the search feature.

So, you will see the visual search icon that will lead you to capture or upload the pictures from your gallery. 

Do not worry if you will not get it quickly at first. This is normal when you are in the process of progress. 

At the same time, it is part of learning. 


We see how easy training can be. The trying and testing process is normal. 

It will help us to have more knowledge because we have the experience on what to avoid in certain situations. 

At the same time, you will have an assurance that you will get how to do it sooner.

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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