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Visual Search in eCommerce: Making Waves in Fashion

Idan PintoIdan Pinto | August 20, 2017

Fashion brands, retailers, and publishers take note: your eCommerce needs some edge, and now is the time to get on board the visual search train. Allow us to explain why.

Consumers are becoming increasingly visual

Most highly-successful fashion brands have a strong presence on visual social platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram. The reasons for that are obvious- fashion is attractive and enticing by nature, therefore it makes sense to let the product sell itself by broadcasting it directly to the consumer on the platforms they enjoy most. They understand that consumers are getting increasingly visual. Product images across social networks have been proven to significantly drive sales, and also increase reach for brands that consistently post content.

Visual networks are not enough

While visual networks have proven to be complementary to sales for brands, recent technology has opened the doors for fashion brands to take a more direct route to connect consumers to products online: visual search.

Visual search allows users to search by images that interest them, and eliminates the need to sort through irrelevant results. The fashion results that come up are all shoppable visual recommendations, which thereby ensure a delightful customer experience for all.

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Idan Pinto

Idan Pinto

Idan is Syte’s COO and one of its co-founders. He loves UX, UI, coding, and everything in between.

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