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Visual Search 2021 Trends

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Visual Search and AI
Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | March 10, 2021

What were the visual search 2021 trends? Are there trends that we can still see today?

Over the years, visual search has gained fame. As per one report, 62% of Millennials prefer visual search over text-based ones.

That is why many firms now have visual search points. Like Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and more.

As a result, firms who use this enjoy the higher income. And this year, it is proposed to hit a 30% growth in earnings.

So, what were the trends last year that began this prediction?

Find out more in this study.

Visual Search 2021 Trends


Visual search now covers talking with chatbots. With this, users can get better shopping knowledge.

That is why designs last year we’re seeing ways to combine chatbots in their websites. Big labels were also doing so. Like Amazon and Target.

Visual Search With Text Search

Last year, we saw some works to connect a visual search with text search. Why? So that there will be bigger viewers reach.

One of the leading sites doing this effort is Pinterest. Though still in growth last year, we can see more of it this year. Rest promised, it will become complete over time.

Tie-in With Social Media

Social media sites are were already covering visual search years back. But this became more open last year.

With the likes of Instagram and Snapchat improving their game. Today, you can now even shop right on Instagram with visual search.

Thus, making a more regular shopping life more than ever.

Retailers With Their Own Visual Search Engine

Last year saw the start of retailers going out their very own visual search engines. So, instead of relying on big actors in the area, they are covering their own way.

Retailers like IKEA, Target, and Walmart were trying to make one of their personal. One that is more focused on the goods they sell.

Thus, making it faster. And buyers can look for products more natural on the exact label.

Using Smartphone Cameras

Before, most visual searches were done by uploading pictures. But last year, there was a growth in using smartphone cameras to do one.

Thus, you can now show open the visual search app. Point your camera at a thing. Then, take a photo of it. After, you will then get instant effects.

This option can be more important in the future.

Images Dominating Internet Browsing

In 2020, internet browsing was chosen with pictures. This is due to users favoring content with images or videos. And this is going on until now.

So, Amazon took on the bandwagon. How? By working out Scout Amazon. What is this?

It lets you do a visual search on the site using your phone’s camera. Then, it gives you outcomes. From high-rating goods to trending ones.

Visual Search 2020 Trends

So, these were the trends in visual search last year. Did you see some of those? Were you ready to find when these trends began? Which ones of these do you think will pick up more activity this year?


Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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