Why Your eCommerce Website Needs Visual Search

Our brains process visual images far more quickly than textual images, not only with tangible items, but also in terms of Internet consumption. When it comes to selling products online, it’s the visuals that carry the most importance for your visitors. In order to win over your target markets, you must incorporate visual search into your eCommerce website.

Visual search capabilities transform the way products are searched online. In addition to being presented with desired products, consumers will be presented with similar products that may be of interest. With such instantaneous results, visual search serves as a major time saver for users by reducing effort. They can avoid the hassle of scroll down long lists (and pages) of products, and can simply choose from displayed images of items that fall within parameters of their interest.

In general, visual search has a magnetic effect that dramatically increases the number of visitors to websites. It leaves many wondering whether it will even take the place of textual search. At this point, it’s a little farfetched, however visual search is certainly a more powerful tool for attracting audiences.

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