Why Online Retailers and Foodies Love The Google Image Search Update

Thanks to Google, visual search recently got more exciting than ever for foodies since their latest update. Up until this update, if people were searching for images of food, it took extra effort to determine the source of the images. Were those images off of menus? Stock images for purchase? Images from recipes?

Wonder no more! The latest Google update is a major timesaver, and the trick is in the badges that can be found in the lower left corners of images that show up under results on mobile devices. These badges will alert you whether there are videos, recipes, GIFs, or if the image/item is available for purchase.

Online retailers can easily get on board to optimize their websites in accordance with the new update. All it takes is marking up your websites accordingly, such as adding product markups or video markups for Google’s algorithms to pick up on. That way, if and when your products appear under image search results on mobile devices, viewers would know upon first glance that the items are available for purchase, and they can click through if interested.