A Picture Says 1,000 Words: Realize your Home Decor Vision In a Snap

Restyling a room can be a daunting process and an expensive one – you want to get it right. As a customer, it’s often hard to put into words what you want when it comes to home decor. You may have a visual picture of a item or style, but lack the appropriate terminology to define the particular products that makes up that image in your mind. Retailers must ensure they are continually streamlining the shopping experience for customer in order for the online home decor industry to evolve successfully.

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Whilst Visual Search has been successfully used in the retail-fashion industry, it’s use in the home decor space is a move into uncharted territory. Syte now offer their visual search software to online retailers operating in the home decor industry. Taskers, the online home decor retailer have recently implemented Syte’s Camera Search Button as a means of ensuring customer engagement through the simplification of the search process. Through the use of the button, users can upload an image of a particular item they desire, Taskers will then immediately convert this image into a catalog of similar if not identical items at a range of price points. So, if customer sees an item in a magazine and is unable to describe the style, the customer can simply take a photo and upload it to the Taskers website and be given shoppable results.

Ikea, a multi-billion dollar Swedish home decor retailer, is well known for its home decor staging. In fact, it’s one of the company’s primary marketing strategies – offering customers a visual representation of the products they stock. Staging allows potential customers to see multiple products assembled together to create a visual scene – it’s supporting evidence to the fact that companies spend big when it comes to visuals. Therefore capitalizing on this trend is important as consumers shift away from text-based searches, to using visual technologies in order to locate the items they desire.

Whilst Taskers may be a pioneer in the Visual Search home decor industry; it will without a doubt be in a competitive position within its industry by being an early adapter. Consumers no longer want to tediously search for a particular item through text searches, only to receive sub-par results. Syte’s technology doesn’t just simplify the search process but it also ensures customers receive more accurate search results.