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The Best Way To Do Product Discovery – How To Do It Effectively

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Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

What do you think is the best way to do product discovery? Well, product managers often face doubts and uncomfortable desires. But, we want to ensure that we are on the right side.

At the same time, we build and evolve the product in a way that increases the value to users.

So in this post, we’ll cover up the best way to do product discovery. We’ll also learn the 6 key steps in the discovery process. But first, what is product discovery?

What Is Meant By Product Discovery?

Product discovery is the activities we do to help us define where, when, and why should we evolve our products. This may involve techniques and frameworks. The process might involve also the use of tools that will help us make decisions.

Additionally, product discovery helps to reduce the following risks:

  • Value risks
  • Usability risks
  • Execution risks, and
  • Viability risks

The Existing Common Practice

A common practice of product search on the market exists. But, it’s a little bit incorrect. Why do we say that?

For example, in many companies, product managers are in charge of defining product launches as well as improvements. But, they based it only on market research as well as the views of senior stakeholders.

These sources of information showed great value and importance. But, they answer only part of the questions.

Besides, some questions remain unaddressed even after addressing the viability problems well. As a result, they accept many risks for the business. The reason? They simply do not think of the other dimensions of the problem.

The Best Way To Do Product Discovery

To start a good product discovery, talk to users. You need to involve more people. You can do that by talking to users with different profiles.

Then, understand their needs, pains, and joys with the product. Identify also which needs your solution supplies. You must do this even if you have the right analytics and research data.

After that, involve many more people in the discovery. This may include designers, engineers, and others. Why is it important? Well, that’s because they understand more about users.

Additionally, these individuals are professionals. So, they respond well with quality to usability and execution risks.

Moreover, the following steps are also helpful:

  • Have a problem at hand before starting your discovery process. It can be an idea from a stakeholder. It could also be a reported situation by a client. Sometimes, it’s an impression or suggestion from the team.
  • Then, focus first on the value and don’t take it for granted. You need to question the value of each change you make to the product. This includes the value of the product concerning the market and competitors.
  • Map out which assumptions need to be tested. Discuss it with the people involved. And then, try to map which key assumptions should support or build a solution to it.

Key Steps In The Discovery Process

  • Power up your customer empathy.
  • Create a complete picture of your customer.
  • Listen and do not rush to a solution.
  • Gain clarity through visual mapping.
  • Collect and organize customer feedback.
  • Be objective.
  • And finally, test your assumptions.


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