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Product Search Technology In E-Commerce

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Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | February 8, 2021

The impact of product search technology in e-commerce is great. Besides, it even makes retail get more extra. Plus, it improves the customer experience. 

Why does visual search center? Also, what can we learn from the designs that used it?

Read on to learn more.


Think you are walking on the street. Then, you saw someone passing by wearing the dress you never knew you wanted. 

You moved to Google. But, what should you represent?

How can you describe the dress? Red, with white stripes? White with red lines? 

What about the length? Mid-to-short? Does it have full covers? Are the clothes flowy?

See, so many issues start. And you did not even work trying yet!

Also, there are so various dark search words. So, it will be hard to pick the correct term to get that dress.

Worse, after that long method, the search results do not meet the dress you wanted. And you cannot locate that lady again!

Is there any other way to make searching more common?

Think product search.


Product search uses a model to find assets. As the saying words, a photo is worth a thousand terms. 

Thus, product search can save you thousands of time, too! No more wrong search works.

Seamless Customer Activity

With product search, it tells the buying activity for buyers. So, they will be more likely to get the goods.

Additionally, artificial intelligence supports a product search. So, it presents you with the most important outcomes. It even takes the appearance and form.

Search to Purchase

Also, an increase in purchasing experience means more sales for companies.

In fact, studies tell that retailers are more possible to work with product search. Also, millennials want this technology more than others.

Hence, it tells how important product search in e-commerce is. To make buying future-proof, they need to use on it.

Out of Stock Into a Opportunities

Have you known like visiting an online shop? Then, the item you want to order is out of stock?

Often, you will just end the tab. Or you may also see it from a different website.

But, product search upsets that situation. It keeps your customers on your website. How?

Yes, the item is out of stock. Still, a product search will give alike stocks that are in the capital. Amazing, right?

A common online retailer Boohoo used that idea. In fact, they reported a growth in sales.

So, when users saw the “View Similar” on the page, there is a 100% shopping charge.

Merged Offline and Offline Words

Product search also uses photos for prompt booking or purchasing. Let us take TRILL Travel for instance.

Saw a travel photo on Instagram? TRILL turns that into bookings! How?

Using artificial intelligence shows photos. Then, it automatically builds links to sites that allow bookings.

So, you can simply change from scanning travel photos on Instagram. To owning tickets to that place!

You can even book a hotel quickly. With just a touch of a picture.

So, it mixes online and offline experiences. Making clients feel instant comfort.

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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