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Product Discovery Training: What are its Benefits?

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Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | February 5, 2021

Product discovery is crucial for companies. That is why product discovery training is now vital. But what is it and what are its benefits?

To build good products for customers, product discovery is the starting line. So, if they want to get an edge in the market, it is vital to roll out new products.

But what good is rolling out new products if it is rushed? Thus, many companies are now training their discovery teams.

And you should, too. Why is this important?

Let us dig deeper into that in this article.

Product Discovery Training

What is product discovery training? This is what you need to do before making any plans for the next product. With this, it is easier for your teams to list out all the vital parts of the next project.

Further, at the end of the training, they will be able to know the:

  • business goals
  • purpose of the product
  • product functions
  • technical skills needed
  • target market
  • user personas
  • success metrics

If your team is aware of these before starting a project, they can be well equipped. For what? For any changes that may happen in the middle of the project.

So, what are the other benefits of having this training?

Benefits of Product Discovery Training

Better Product

When teams undergo training, there is a higher chance they can make better products. For one, they are more careful in planning out a product.

Then, they can think of better features or attributes. Also, they can think better and have the vital people with them early on.

Who are these? Both the internal and external parties. Like product owners, business heads, partners, and even end-users.

Faster Production

Of course, trained teams are better equipped than those who are not. So, there are fewer chances of them cracking under pressure.

As a result, the production is faster. This is because they can:

  • know and avoid problems early on
  • set clear goals of why and how they are building the product

Lesser Cost

Lesser chance of cracking under pressure means fewer mistakes. Also, teams are able to think of products that cost less but still deliver quality.

Further, there will be fewer:

  • tweaks
  • last-minute changes
  • hours spent

Then, they will also be able to align all their tasks and efforts. Thus, preventing ruining your budget as a result of rework.

Fewer Risks

Yes, there are a lot of risks that come with product making. It may cost you a lot of money, time, and effort.

But if your team is trained, these risks get fewer. Because they can spot any issues early on and solve them right away.

Customer Satisfaction

Of course, the number one reason why training is vital is to meet customer satisfaction. You need to make sure that your product meets their needs.

Also, it should be able to remove or lessen their pain points. If your team is trained, they will be much better at pointing these out.

Thus, letting them produce products that work for your customers. As a result, it can drive more sales. Sounds good, right?

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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