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Product Discovery Platforms: For E-Commerce & Its Customers

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Jessica MillerJessica Miller | January 27, 2021

What are product discovery platforms? How influential is this in today’s e-commerce?

What Is A Product Discovery Platform?

A product discovery platform is an intelligent system designed to help us explore what is interesting and latest. It can provide you with information about products, brands, technology, and the list goes on.

For example, you want to search for the latest fashion trends. A product discovery platform can lead you into the top-rated fashion sites and platforms. Not to mention how you can even place orders on-the-go.

Product Discovery & E-Commerce

In our current digital age, we are filled with product discovery platforms around the web. These platforms not only serve information. But these platforms are also influencing the e-commerce industry. For instance, this benefits the retailers, enterprises, and big business owners. 

But, how?

Because more product visibility on these platforms can mean more profitability for businesses. Whether big or small, they can stand out. It all depends on how they make use of the platform’s features.

Product Discovery For Customers

As much as it benefits businesses, product discovery also benefits customers.

Not all customers do have an intent to purchase in the first stage. Even you, you might just want to scroll and scroll just to kill the time. 

On the other hand, some may have a product in mind. But they might be having a hard time trying to find that ‘perfect choice’. 

So, what can you do?

Perhaps you can make online shopping easier for them. For customers with no intent, perhaps you can make it more enticing for them. There are plenty of ways to optimize your customer’s experience. As much as possible, put them in the core of product discovery. 

How To Optimize Product Discovery Platforms?

Now, you should be looking for ways to redesign your e-commerce site. But how? Let me give you a handful of examples to start with.

Product Attributes Matter

As much as possible, be generous with listing product attributes. Product attributes can include size, color, and material used, and the list goes on. 

You can also further customer experience with search filters. Allow costumes to mix and match filters. This can ease the search journey of your customer. Doing so can help them find their ‘perfect product’ faster. 

Optimize On-Site Searches

There are several ways to boost your on-site search. Consider the following suggestions below.

  • Enable suggestions for searching
  • Optimize with SEO keywords
  • Do not let a ‘dead-end’ of results. As much as possible, provide relevant products instead.

Feature Your Current Offers

Offers are more likely enticing even with first-timer visitors. This may even push them into a purchase without initial intent. 

For example, you can personalize your product listings with the following:

  • Recently Viewed Items
  • You Might Also Like 
  • Brand New
  • Trending Items
  • Free Shipping Offers

Regularly Monitor & Improve

You can never hit the perfect button on a single try. There should always be room for improvement. To continually monitor your site analytics. Thereafter, you can tailor your adjustments. Optimizing may take time and effort, but it sure pays off.

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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