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Product Discovery In E-Commerce

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | March 11, 2021

What is product discovery in e-commerce?

In making a better online shop, it’s important to focus on product discovery. Why is this so?

First, let’s get to know what product discovery in e-commerce.

Product Discovery In E-commerce

Product discovery in e-commerce the step where online guests discover goods. Then, they want to buy that product they saw.

So, making it the most important part of e-commerce. Because a business won’t happen if a buyer can’t find a thing they want to get.

Thus, all other sectors of the online store won’t matter. Here’s a plot:

  • on a lesser-known eCommerce site, more clients find it hard to find things they want. So, they go to the site because they can’t see it.
  • on a bigger eCommerce site, buyers find it more comfortable to look for things they want. So, it ended in a sale and they spent minor time.

This matters because bigger eCommerce players beat poorer ones. Where? In the product discovery play. So, how can smaller members win this game?

Better Homepage

Businesses need to make sure the theme in their product discovery is: important.

So, in setting up their homepage, they need to make sure it’s only those related info. Here’s what can they join:

  • Current Promos
  • Personalization Units (“Recently viewed”, “You might also like”)
  • Trending Products
  • New Arrivals
  • Educational Contents (Buyer’s guide, product reviews)

Easier Navigation

Travel is for those who know what kind of stock they want. But haven’t settled on a special thing yet.

So, brands need to secure their navigation is fast and simple. The navigation menu should have parts and subcategories.

Ability to Filter

Filters are also important to narrow down buyer options. So, there are two key ways to do this well.

These are:

  • Make sortable or filterable output habits. Like color, height, brand, etc.
  • Let mix and match while cleaning. Like according to search for red and blue shirts and whatnot.

Strong Site Search

Customers expect they can type the goods name they are seeing for. And they want instant effects.

Thus, businesses need to have a site search that can find:

  • product names or IDs
  • product types or categories
  • common searches
  • product points
  • misspellings
  • many kinds of the same keywords

Use Popular Product Pages

Having a page for best-sellers and trending stocks can be important for brands. This is helpful for those who are looking for plans like gift shoppers.

Why does this work? Because the motto “everybody wants what everybody wants” is still correct. So firms are wise to take this to full use.

Secondary Product Discovery

The ones noted above are for the early stages of a customer’s shopping tour. But brands can still look for ways to upsell other things in the middle of their journey.

What they can do is continue product discovery when clients are ready to get. Listings in the cart or checkout method are what secondary product discovery is.

So, brands can add listings like:

  • Suggested items
  • Usually bought together
  • Make the look
  • Add these products for free shipping
  • Get a discount when you add this product

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