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Product Discovery eCommerce: Best Practices to Follow

eCommerce Best Practices
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Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | February 5, 2021

Product discovery eCommerce. It is the name of the game if you want to ace in making an online store. Why is this so important?

Read on to know more.

Product Discovery eCommerce

What is product discovery in eCommerce? This is the stage where online shoppers discover your products. Then, making them want to buy it.

Thus, making this a crucial stage of eCommerce. After all, there won’t be any sale if a customer can’t find your products. Right?

So, all other areas of your online store will not matter if your product discovery is low. Take a look at this scenario:

  • customers find it harder to look for products on lesser-known eCommerce sites. As a result, many tend to leave the site and look for others.
  • on the other hand, customers find it easier to look for items on bigger eCommerce sites. So, they take less time on the site and the sale is faster.

What does this tell us? That bigger eCommerce players beat smaller ones in the product discovery game. But how can you improve yours?

Product Discovery eCommerce: Best Practices to Follow

Better Homepage

First off, you need to make sure that the theme of your product discovery is: relevance. Meaning, you need to ensure to only include relevant information on your homepage.

For example, you may add:

  • current promos
  • personalization unit (“recently viewed,” “you might also like”)
  • new arrivals
  • trending products
  • educational content (buyer’s guide, product reviews)

Easier Navigation

Navigation is for shoppers who know what product they want. But, have not decided on a specific model or design yet.

So, you need to make sure they can navigate your website easily. Thus, having a navigation menu with categories and subcategories is vital.

Strong Site Search

Most customers today expect that they can type in the product name of what they are looking for. So, have s strong site search that offers fast results.

Also, it needs to be able to find:

  • product names or IDs
  • product types or categories
  • misspellings
  • product features
  • common searches
  • different kinds of the same keywords (sneakers, trainers, etc.)

Ability to Filter

It is one of many shoppers’ frustration if they cannot filter results in an eCommerce site. So, make sure you have this option.

To do well, your filter option should:

  • sort product traits. Like color, height, brand, etc.
  • allow for mix and match. Like letting users search for red and blue shorts and more.

Use Popular Product Pages

Another helpful page to have is for featuring best-sellers and trending products. This will help those looking for gift ideas.

Also, everybody wants what everyone has. Right?

Secondary Product Discovery

No, product discovery does not stop after checking out. When your customers are ready to buy, you can add another listing in the cart. Or even in the checkout process.

For example, you can add these:

  • Recommended items
  • Bundled together
  • Completer the look
  • Mostly bought together
  • Add these items for free shipping
  • Get a discount when you add this item

So, were these helpful? Then, go ahead and try these best practices.


Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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