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12 Image Recognition Apps to Try This Weekend

If you’ve got 10 spare minutes this weekend, you should use them to fool around with some image recognition apps. Whether you’re a foodie or…

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Syte Shortlisted for Three Tech. Awards Powered by Retail Week

What are the Tech. Awards? The Tech. Awards are given to pioneers in the industry in subjects ranging from artificial intelligence to tech collaborations. These awards…

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A Brief History of Automatic Photo Tagging, Pt 2

In part two of A Brief History of Automatic Photo Tagging, we’re exploring automatic photo tagging of today and tomorrow in an area that early…

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A Brief History of Automatic Photo Tagging, Pt 1

From a consumer perspective, automatic photo tagging may not seem like a revolution, but for companies it’s a much bigger fish than it may appear….

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Site Search Made 5x Faster: An Image Search Time Trial

One thing that comes up again and again when talking about image technology is how much easier it makes the shopping experience for a consumer….

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Visual Search for 4 Million Items: How Intu Does Syte

Intu is a UK company that brings a superior shopping experience on and offline. Not only are they the UK’s largest online shopping centre, curating…

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7 Companies Using Image Recognition Software to Get Ahead

Visual technologies have seen a surge in recent years. Image tech is getting better and better, and companies across industries are adopting it to solve…

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6 Home Decor Apps to Save You from Design Fails

Some people are blessed with the ability to perfectly visualize a space and what it will look like when it’s redecorated. Those people generally become…

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