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Why Visual Search Should be in Your Pipeline Next Quarter

Prioritizing features and spend for e-commerce sites is difficult, especially because digital trends can be capricious. (Remember the avalanche of “pivot to video?” That was…

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Why Strong Partnerships are the Secret Sauce Behind Successful Companies

The digital age has ushered in a shift in the way that we conceptualize business, from advertising to customer service to accounting. But one of…

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Syte Takes On Site Search: Announcing Enhanced Textual Search With Deep Tagging

Syte is pleased to announce that our deep tagging tech can now be used to improve text search! A complement to our visual search feature,…

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What Google’s Removal of “View Image” Means for Image Search

It’s easy for a casual consumer to think that the search industry begins and ends with Google. After all, it’s the automatic choice for many…

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Visual Search for Ecommerce’s Hidden Upside: UX

Ecommerce UX has been slow to evolve. While webpages may look a little slicker and a little more high-res than at the dawn of ecommerce,…

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Discovery and Conversion with Visual Search

Text-based search was never the perfect tool for ecommerce. Using text strings is a great way to search for other bits of text — websites,…

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Image Technology for Business (And Why You Need It)

Image technologies — notably deep tagging and AI — are propping up all over the consumer space, from ASOS to Pinterest to Boohoo. What they…

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12 Image Recognition Apps to Try This Weekend

If you’ve got 10 spare minutes this weekend, you should use them to fool around with some image recognition apps. Whether you’re a foodie or…

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