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White Labeling Success: Erdbeerlounge

It was only a few months ago, when we proudly announced that the ever-popular German fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, Erdbeerlounge, implemented our white label…

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Chatbots are the Future of Marketing

Humans may have created chatbots, but it’s the chatbots that are teaching us about the future of marketing. The creation of the simplest of chatbots…

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Top 5 Evergreen Visual Search Optimization Tricks

Visual search updates and functionalities are popping up all over the place, from retailers, to publishers, and of course, search engines. Does that mean we’re…

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How to Leverage Sales for the Holidays Using Chatbots

There is an age-old question that’s been bothering retailers since the dawn of commerce, how to interact as meaningfully as possible with as many customers…

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Digital Marketing to the Z Generation – Here is What You Need to Know

As the generational alphabet has come to its end, you can say that there is a sense of “finality” when it comes to the latest…

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The Connection Between eCommerce, Mobile Commerce and AI

In the eCommerce scene, we’re hearing a lot about mobile commerce and AI these days, but is there a connection between them? Absolutely! We’ve previously…

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Syte AI is Presenting at WEACT 2.0

It’s a sincere honor for us to announce that our CMO Lihi Pinto Fryman, has been selected to present Syte AI in front of a…

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Chatbots For Customer Service? YES!

Chatbots have come a long way since their birth decades ago. Companies of all sizes are using them for a variety of reasons, including the…

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