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Image Search For Mobile: How To Do It Right?

Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

How can you rightly optimize an image search for mobile? Much relies on search engine optimization boost.


So are you doing your SEO right?


This post will uncover simple yet winning SEO tips that should rightly boost image search for on mobile.

How To Optimize Image Search For Mobile?

Discover these image search optimization tips that you could be missing.

Know and Choose the Right Image Format

Will any file format work?


Well, there is are different image file formats that you can choose from. Do they matter?


Of course, they do. If you are starting to add images on your site, make sure they are in the right format. Otherwise, they can cause unnecessary weight to your page load times. Thus, slow down today’s search engines reading them and making them more visible.


But first, you should know the differences between these formats. So below is a short description of the most commonly used file formats on the web.


  • JPEG- this is the most commonly used file format. Although chances are you will lose some image quality. But using the right tool, you can justify it to the level of having the right balance of quality and size.
  • PNG- usually recommended for higher quality images. However, this file format usually comes in bigger file size.
  • WebP- this is so far the image format browsers like Chrome and Firefox make use of. You can either choose lossless or lossy compression with this.


A lot do prefer JPEG and PNG. For instance, JPEG can do with both small sizes in good quality. This is why a lot of eCommerce platforms make use of JPEG. On the other hand, some make use of PNG because of its higher quality format.

Know That Image Compression Works Magic

Just how important image compression is?


According to the HTTP Archive, image files “make up an average of 21% of a total webpage’s weight”.


Quite a figure, isn’t it?


This is why compression can let you do the magic.


But how can you do image compressing?

  • You can do so using Adobe Photoshop
  • Or you can also use TinyPNG. Moreover, this TinyPNG tool comes with a WordPress plugin that comes in handy.
  • Another WordPress plugin is WP Smush. It works like TinyPNG, it can also reduce your image file size without compromising its quality.


So whatever tool works for you, aim for the one that can reduce the page load times of your site.

Be Artsy. Be Original

How can you stand out?


Although there are many ways to optimize things technically. But never miss the power of being creative. 


Perhaps you can choose free stock photos online. But why not produce your own images? If you have the skills, then why not?


Having original photos on-site can make you appear original. Thus make you stand out among your competitors.

Name It Right

Aside from sizing images right, also be conscious of how you name it. 




Because this is how Google or any search engine read your image file. So if your images are named by default, like “IMG_0001”. Why not take some time to rename them right?


Make sure it is “descriptive and keyword-rich”.

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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