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Image Search Ecommerce: Drive Change In The Way You Market 

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Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

What can we learn from the image search eCommerce of today? Do you know that Google Images is one of today’s largest search mediums online? This ranks only second from the main Google search bar. 

But why are discussing this?

Because this very fact changes the way eCommerce operates today. For instance, eCommerce platforms can capitalize on this to drive an increase in page visits, conversion rates, and revenues.

Yes, the image search trend is changing eCommerce.

But how can you put your platform in line? 

Of course, you should know the basic algorithms of image search. This includes the quality of images you will be using, and so on. 

So here, we will be listing the different ways image search is changing eCommerce.

Image Search eCommerce: What Image Search Can Do For eCommerce

Here are ways that image search is driving changes in eCommerce.

Immersive Image Experience Drives More Page Visits

Image search can compel customers to visit an eCommerce website. 


This is through Google’s new changes. For instance, they removed the “view image” button. As a result, users can automatically see the image in the website’s context. So how the image appears can have a direct effect on the user. Most likely, if the image is relevant and attractive, users will be steered to visit the eCommerce site that features that certain image.

This technique helps eCommerce platforms become more engaged with their customers. That is from pictures or images down to their marketplaces.

User-Generated Contents Attract

On the other hand, eCommerce platforms also benefit more when it contains user-generated images. This way, newcomers or walk-ins to your site can see how your products are enjoyed by others.

How can you do this?

One way is through your CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool. Through the CRM, you can see who are your most engaged customers. Perhaps you can ask them to share their experiences with your products. 

For instance, they can share it through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Since these are the widely used tools of today. By doing so, you can generate more reach.

Moreover, there are also CRM tools that can let you use customer influencers for brand promotion. So you can make use of these pictures in your store. 

When customers come across your store, they will see that you are offering products and services for real people. And that these people are really enjoying what you offer. This factor can greatly compel new customers to connect with you.

Visual Search Chatbots Can Do The Advanced Boost

Although chatbots are usually integrated to answering common questions. But today, chatbots have a wider scope.

Today, some companies are making use of visual search chatbots, for instance. 

How do these visual chatbots work?

These chatbots can generate product results of images placed on the chatbot window. Not only that. But these chatbots can also do their main thing, which is responding to basic questions. So if customers have questions and concerns, a chatbot can handle that.

As a result, the customer experience satisfaction rate is increasing. Not to mention that it also minimizes the cost of hiring an employee to handle such tasks.

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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