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How to Use ASOS Visual Search: Online Shopping App

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | February 5, 2021

In this article, we will know how to use ASOS visual search. 

If you like clothes, ASOS is a good place you can search for. 

They have it for men and women. But what if you are searching for something you cannot describe through words?

There is an eCommerce feature that you may find useful.

So, we will figure out what is it. At the same time, we will see their difference from other features

As a result, it will give you a fun shopping experience. At the same time, it will help you to find a specific product. 

How to Use ASOS Visual Search

Doing this unique kind of search is easy. All you have to do is to upload a picture of your choice. 

You can choose one from your gallery. To whatever clothes you may have in mind. 

After that, the system will help you to find a similar product according to the picture. 

Through this, it will help you to choose more designs, patterns, or colors of your choice. 

If you are specific with size, you may also have more options through finding the exact design of the clothes. 

Also, it may recommend other styles that may fit according to what you like. 

You may worry about the privacy of what you were searching for. 

What Happens to The Uploaded Picture?

You don’t have to worry. The system will view it as confidential, and will not share it with others. 

All they need for the image is the details of the clothes you are searching for. 

After that, they will not keep the record. So, you will have the assurance of keeping it private. 

If you have any concerns about their privacy policies, they also provide articles. 

So, you may find a solution to the questions you may have in mind. 

About ASOS Clothes

As mentioned, they have an available clothing line either you are a male or a female. 

Also, you may choose options that may benefit you. on any occasion you may need.

No wonder why visual search is an important feature for eCommerce websites like ASOS. 

That is because it gives you more doors to the right and the exact item you are searching for. 

At the same time, it gives you more knowledge of other items that you may also be interested in. 

On the other hand, you don’t need to go outside and buy. Especially during this time of the pandemic. 

When it comes to saving time, it does not show only for searching. It is also applicable when it comes to the time you spend outside. 

So, you will have more time to choose than to travel during this time. 


ASOS visual search is indeed a big help for their customers. 

They give them choices on the best outfits of their choice. Also, they can reserve similar items they saw through the search. 

So the next time you shop, you will now have an idea of how it works. 

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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