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How To Effectively Use Product Images On eCommerce Sites

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Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

How can you better use product images for your eCommerce site? 

Do you know that images matter big time in the eCommerce industry? It can help you better convey product information. It can also enhance a products’ exposure. Thus, drive better sales.

So how can you effectively use product images? Well, consider the following tips below.

Product Images Optimization Tips

1. Let Users Zoom In To Details

For customers, each product detail matters especially when shopping online. Actually, this is one of the downsides of online shopping. Because users cannot have a real feel of the product.

So what can you do?

Perhaps you can drive the change through the pictures you use. For instance, big eCommerce stores let their users o zoom in to the product details. If you are selling products, let your users zoom in to the product’s texture. As a result, users can better manage their expectations with the product. Thus, can result in a better product impression.

2. Use High-Quality Photos 

Of course, you cannot have a clear zoom-in without a high-quality photo. This is why uploading photos in high-quality is important.

Using high-quality photos lets you showcase your products in the “best possible light”. Also, this is especially recommended for luxury items. For instance, pieces of jewelry and limited edition bags.

In addition, high-quality photos can also stimulate tastebuds when you are selling some kind of dessert of any food variant. How the colors complement each other in a photo can push a potential customer to proceed to purchase.

Yes, how you capture is how well you showcase. In return, it can also mean how well you generate sales.

3. More Photos Should Suffice

When it comes to showcasing products, one image is rarely enough.

The number of images uploaded is more crucial when it comes to selling products. Letting your customers see the product from different angles should help. It can add to the effectiveness of your product display. In fact, it can explain details way better than words.

For example, if you are selling shoes. You can upload 6 to 7 different angles of the same pair of shoes. Make sure to include a photo of how the sole looks like. Also as how the shoelaces are designed. 

Yes. All these seemingly minor details can make or break a sale. Because these factors can greatly contribute to the customer’s convenience in shopping.

4. Show Products In A Real-Life Setting

Another winning factor in product images is to show how your product goes in real-life. It is not enough to show how the product actually looks like. But you should also show how your customers can use it in their daily life.

By doing so, you can effectively demonstrate product features. You may have a good composition of the product description. But images convey better messages than words. So customers can easily catch up and get attracted.

Make It Mobile Friendly

Remember, most of today’s users are not on their laptops all the time. Rather, most are on their mobile phones. 

So when choosing product images, make sure that it is mobile-friendly. This can add to a better customer experience factor. Thus, better attracts customers to your site.

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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