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Google Image Search Tricks That You Should Know

Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

The Google Image Search is today’s biggest image search platform. Not to mention that it is so far the most popular. Since it can generate hundreds to thousands of results. 


But are you making the best of Google Image Search? 


This post will let you dive deeper into some Google Image Search tricks that you should know. You will be enjoying this image search platform even more.

Google Image Search Tricks 

What are the things you can do with Google Image Search? You might be surprised to know there is a lot you are missing out on.

Filter Your Search 

On your Google Image Search bar, there is the “tools” button. Here, you can filter your search for better results accuracy. 


For instance, it can let you filter with the following options:

  • Color- you can choose between transparent, black and white, or by a certain color. Also, if you are opting for PNG file formats, you can choose ‘transparent’. By doing so, you are filtering out the JPEG files.
  • Size- with this search filter, you can choose from three sizing options. Namely, large, medium, and icon.
  • Type- you can also choose what type of image you are looking for. Perhaps between line drawings, GIFs, and clip arts.
  • Time- this filter is beneficial if you are searching by timeframe or periods
  • Usage rights- if you are looking for images for Commercial Use, be careful of choosing images. So this filter can help you deliver reusable images. In any case, always make sure that you ask permission before any personal use.

Search By File Type

Google image search engines do not have the easy dropdown for file type options. So you can type with this format instead, e.g. “flower filetype:png”. As a result, the search engine will generate results of flower images in PNG formats only.

Restore The View Image

Although this feature is already removed. But there is a browser extension that can help. If you are using either Google Chrome or Firefox, you can search for the View Image browser extension. It can restore the view image function.

Advanced Search Operators

How can you search like a pro using Google Image Search?


For example, here are some of the tricks:

  • “Site:”- this can help you search for images from a specific site only
  • “-(minus)”- this can exclude certain words from a search so when you insert your query inside the quotes, the search engine will only search from that exact phrase


Moreover, there are also search options on the image size box. Here, you opt for the “larger than” options. 


You can also check the aspect ratio box. This way, you can filter your image search orientations. For instance, between panoramic and square.

Save In Collections

Do you know that Google can now let you save images right within their platform?


Yes, and it is simple.


But first, make sure you are logged in to your Google account. Next, click on your image of interest and open its callout box. There, you can see and click the save button. This button looks like a bookmark ribbon. Once it is saved, the ribbon will be highlighted blue.


You can easily locate these images on any three-dot menu on any image. There, click collections. Or you can also visit

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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