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Google Image Search Guide: How To Google Image Search In 2021?

Ron RobinsonRon Robinson | January 27, 2021

A question like How To Google Image Search is not common in 2021. With the free image search tool roaming around everywhere, you might need a guide to use to its full potential. 

Google Image Search Guide: How To Google Image Search In 2021?

In short, Google image is a perfect place to browse for pictures of in the conventional style. The search ranges from cute pets to intimidating tattoos. 

 Moreover, you may scan in reverse images for details on a single picture or graph.

There are other applications for searching reverse pictures. However, Google Images is stable, quick to use, and secure.

Reverse Image Seach: What Is It All About?

Reverse Image Seach happens when you put a picture or connection to an image in the browser while running a reverse image search on Google. Furthermore, Google identifies websites with your logo as well as similar photos.

The topic of your picture does identify by Google Images and pulls up other websites linked to, for example, a cute cat.

Here are only a handful of the reverse picture search utilizations:

  • Find Detail For The Pic

An image search may pull up a website that contains the name or details of an individual regarding a product.

  • Plagiarism Detecting

 A reverse image search may turn up identical pictures. Thus, it will indicate if an illustration did plagiarize from someone else’s work.

  • Finding Related Pictures

 Google image search can locate them for you if you want images of cute kittens that look just like your favorite cat anime character.

How To Do It On Your Android Or iPhone?

A reverse picture scan can perform on any smartphone or tablet. However, This quest does restrict to internet photos.t

You have to use a computer to scan images or graphics from your files.

You will need to download the Google Chrome software to scan your smartphone for an inverse image. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Chrome app, open
  2. Describe the picture you’re searching for. You may, for instance, type “cute cats.”
  3. Click the icon for the quest. After that, Chrome can supply you with photos relating to your search keywords.
  4. Pick a photo to scan. Hold your eye on the shot before a menu emerges.
  5. To see similar pictures and related websites, choose “Search Google for this image.” Then wallah! You are done.

Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile: Alternative Guide

As we already know, Google developed a reverse image search feature on phones and tablets. However, some users still need an extra alternative guide.

Let’s start!

The camera icon will not display on the search bar when you fire up on mobile. You would need to load the desktop edition of the Chrome browser software for iOS and Android on your computer to get it.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down, click the 3-dot menu, and pick Desktop Request Location. Scroll down. It loads the desktop edition, and the camera icon does show to allow you to upload images from your camera.
  2. Chrome also supports a reverse image search process based on your phone. Keep your finger until you see the image you want to scan; click “Search Google for This Image” at the bottom.
  3. If this doesn’t work for any reason, Open Picture in New Tab may also be picked. Then copy the URL, return to and connect it to the URL.

The effects of reverse image search appear in either method; you will need to select a “More sizes” button on the top to see just the pictures. 

Moreover, you would limit your question by searching animated GIFs or clip art alternatives or searching for the original image’s color scheme.

More About Google Lens

Google Lens also provides an alternative to scan the reverse image. Lens has its software but is also part of both the iOS and Android Google App and Google Assistant.

The lens is more concerned with helping you conduct tasks, such as interpreting instantly, recognizing items, or finding a product to purchase, than with uncovering a source pic.

Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson

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