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Future Of Social Commerce: More Than Just Buying

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Trends and Future of Retail
Jessica MillerJessica Miller | April 5, 2021

What is the future of social commerce? Some believe that it’s also the future of a better customer experience. Yes, to those who don’t have a clear vision, the future may be blurry. Well, read this post to see how social commerce is shaping up for the better.

The Social Media And E-commerce

Social media combined with e-commerce changes the consumers and the business world. In fact, involved people are very optimistic about it.

But since these two became one, you probably now guessed the future of e-commerce. Yes, more and more people are staring at their phones. Additionally, people nowadays are more socially engaged with lots of social media platforms.

Consequently, it’s hard not to think that companies don’t want to utilize this. And brands now are merging e-commerce and social media right away.

The Future Of Social Commerce

To talk about the future of social shopping, we need to look to the East. Especially in China China.

There, we will find out how social commerce stands in our future shopping experience. That’s because social commerce is quite new to the West. But, social commerce is already a big thing in China.

More Than Just Buying

In China, consumers don’t use social media and apps just to purchase products. In fact, it’s quite different there than what we usually do.

They are using social media platforms to mesh with brands at every level of the purchasing journey. 

China As A Pioneer

There’s a lot of improvements in social media and social commerce. But, most of the trend comes from what China is doing.

For example, most of the features on Facebook and Facebook Messenger first started in China’s Goliath, WeChat. So, China developed its online businesses and platforms faster than the West.

There’s More

When it comes to Chinese social commerce, there’s more to it. To them, buying is an ecosystem made of e-commerce platforms and social networks. What does that mean?

Well, this gives us the idea that China’s way of doing e-commerce and online shopping is no longer defined as e-commerce.

Besides, their way of social commerce is a “hybrid”. That’s because they’re combining social networks, communication platforms, and shopping in one place. 

Additionally, social commerce in China means getting in touch with people. What people? This refers to those who share the same interest. So for them, social commerce is a way of social engagement, not just a platform for buying.

Therefore, the future of social commerce will be in a form of social engagement, not just a process.

Also, it brings people together in online communities. While at the same time, not pushing them to just purchase products on social media.

The Merger

With all that’s said, it is obvious where the future of social shopping is going.

Yes, there will be a merger of social media and e-commerce applications in the future. And it’s already existing.

It’s not about adding eCommerce functionality to an already developed social network. But, it’s about developing a platform where things turn around.

Moreover, the social shopping future lies in the “hybrid”. It will be between social media, social commerce, and online brand communities.


Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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