Risk-Free, No Cost: Publishers, It’s Time To Monetize Your Visual Content

According to latest data, over two million articles are published every day on the internet. Of those articles, almost all will contain at least one image or video. Visual media plays an important role in articles, acting as ‘hooks’ to draw in and retain audiences. To acquire media for articles, publishers often spend exorbitant amounts of money. Syte’s accurate visual detection technology turns these images into a monetization tool for the publisher, so that every time a reader clicks on an item the publisher accrues revenue.

visual content

Within the last decade the publishing industry has evolved significantly. The hard copy printed version of a publication has now been overtaken in popularity by an online, immediately accessible form. However an increase in accessibility to free articles, along with a decline in sales for hard copy magazines means that publishing companies must discover new revenue streams to adapt to digital changes in today’s competitive industry.

Syte gives publishers the ability to create added monetization by allowing readers to shop directly from the visual assets placed in their articles. Put simply, an article about a celebrity will contain relevant images to the topic of the article. Syte has developed a complex algorithm that recognizes the clothes and accessories worn in these photos and links readers to online retailers where they can purchase these items. Publishers are paid a fixed royalty based off the number of readers who click the links to the products of their choice. Syte offers this technology at no cost to the publisher and so, there is no risk and no commitment involved. Moreover, implementation of this new technology is seamless as only one line of HTML code is required to be added to the publisher’s website. Syte’s technology is currently being trialed in articles by Cosmopolitan magazine as well as Evoke to name a few.  

User Interface, or UI refers to the layout and design of a system. User Experience, or UX refers to the way in which the human interacts with the product. UI and UX play integral roles in both attracting and retaining users through customer satisfaction and ease of use. Subsequently, a system with poor UI/UX will not engage users and will not promote customer satisfaction. Syte offers publishers the ability to tailor their visual detection software to promote a positive User Experience (UX). Working with the publisher, Syte can offer an innovative UI that meets the publishers desires and offers a simple and natural user experience. This might mean implementing a tag to images or bounding boxes to allow users to select and shop for desired items.


Syte’s visual detection technology uses geo-location to ensure readers are only displayed results from retailers that sell to their location. Additionally, this enables appropriate currencies and retailers to be displayed, making this technology useful and relevant in all regions.

Visual Image detection technology will play an important role in the evolution of the publishing industry. Syte’s advanced technology offers publishers a means of increasing reader engagement and retention, as well as offering a form of passive revenue in the process. As this technology becomes increasingly prevalent within the market its ability to revolutionize and reestablish the publishing industry is becoming more and more evident.