eCommerce Basics: Before You Take The Plunge

Looking to get into the eCommerce game? Good for you! Before you take the plunge, there are some basics you need to know and implement. Trust us, it’ll make life A LOT easier, and ultimately save you a great deal of time.

  • Initial Website Setup
    Look into an eCommerce vendor that will assist in creating your website. It will spare you the hassle of hard coding, hosting, and doing maintenance. Services such as Shopify allow you to design the overall look of your site, upload your product catalog, setup shopping carts, secure payments, and handle order fulfillment.
  • Branding
    If your company already has a website, try to duplicate that look onto your eCommerce site as well, including detailslike color schemes, accent colors, and logos.
  • Payments
    In the early stages, many retailers start off using Paypal simply because it’s widely known as a secure system for accepting online payments. The downside? The seller fees add up really quickly. Many shoppers prefer to pay for online purchases using their own credit cards over third-party payment processors, so you may want to look into obtaining a merchant account with individual credit card companies.
  • Customer Service
    There are numerous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools available that assist with customer interactions in one central place, including their contact information, recent purchases, complaints, and pending orders. You can also get a toll-free phone number dedicated to customer service, or set up a live chat option (if it can be available 24/7.)
  • Shipping Costs
    It’s best to leave shipping cost calculations to the carrier, which is generally offered for free, and can be added to your checkout section. However, if you can afford it- you might want to consider free shipping, at least for orders over a certain amount.
  • Product Images
    Quality product images are crucial in terms of first impressions. Each image should be accompanied by a description that is short, yet rich with details. If you have a sizable collection of products, you will also want to look into implementing visual search onto your site, to ensure people see more of your products with minimal effort.