Chatbots for eCommerce: The Fashionable Choice

Just as technology is proving to be evolving at an alarming rate, so are the methods being used to engage customers for eCommerce.

Most fashion brands currently make major splashes across multiple social networks, especially visual ones such as Pinterest and Instagram. Those efforts are essential, fantastic, and absolutely play a major role in the bottom line. While we wouldn’t recommend they be stopped, there is one downside that must be pointed out: competition is fierce across social media.

The Downside of Social Media for eCommerce

In a nutshell, far too many brands are competing for the attention of the same groups of potential customers and clients using the same methods. As a result, the prospects are being bombarded with special offers, exclusive deals, and frequent promotions from multiple brands all at the same time. And we all know what happens when one gets overwhelmed- they tune out. They end up ignoring the marketing noise, because there is barely anything personal about it.

Enter Chatbots

You may have noticed the increased application of chatbots across platforms for multiple industries, and eCommerce is no exception. But why? Why are chatbots quickly rising in popularity and adoption? It’s because they provide a personalized experience.

Chatbots are beginning to make waves, because they provide a “natural” communication experience. Bear in mind, we are in an age where consumers heavily rely on messaging apps and mobile devices to fulfill their need for instant gratification.

Although chatbots have been around for years, modern chatbots are increasingly being used for eCommerce. That is because they ultimately focus on the root of customer service by placing the customer first. Thanks to accessibility, queries are answered instantly. In the case of fashion brands, it helps emulate the service of personal shoppers, and spares customers from the hassle of navigating multiple websites. This digital form of a concierge service helps fashion brands stand out in the eCommerce game.