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E-Commerce Search Facets in Product Discovery: Full Definition

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | February 7, 2021

What are the e-commerce search facets? Also, how can it help your online business?

In this article, let’s define search facets in facets. Read on to learn more.

E-Commerce Search Facets: Definition

Search facets are one technique for e-commerce sites. But, how does it work?

E-Commerce search facets improve traditional searches. So, things get easier.

Facets are also an alternative to basic navigation. And this is a great thing because basic navigation makes browsing hard.

Aside from that, search facets use filters. So, shoppers can narrow down the results.

These filters include attributes like size and price. So, it allows them to find and buy quickly.

But, how can brands benefit from e-commerce search facets? Let’s find out.

E-Commerce Search Facets: Benefits

In a nutshell, customers want an easier and faster product discovery. Who doesn’t want a quick way to search for things, right?

But, that’s just the scratch of the surface. Here are some other benefits of using e-commerce search facets.

Improve a Product’s Discoverability

One main goal of product discovery is to make a product more discoverable. Notably, customers can only buy what they can find.

So, having search facets will make it possible. It also improves on-site conversions.

That means that those who browse will end up buying. With facets, it will be easy for your potential customers to spot products.

Of course, there are still shoppers who don’t know what they’re looking for. So, how can these search facets help?

For one thing, it gives categories of your products. Then, it will suggest items.

For example, if someone types “vacuum cleaner” on an e-commerce site, it will show thousands of results. But, facets will categorize this using the following facets:

  • brand
  • vacuum bag type
  • features
  • floor type

Provide Powerful Customer Experience

Search facets also simplify the search journey of your customers. And if they enjoy the journey, they’re more likely to buy. Plus, they will stay.

Traditional site search requires customers to outline the product category. But, a faceted search will outline the category for them.

So, customers will not think a lot. Or ask themselves questions like, “what should I type into this search box?”

Instead, search facets will make them think, “Which of these can help me find what I want?”

Decrease Irrelevant Searches

We all get frustrated when the search results don’t show what we actually want to search. And that is especially true in e-commerce.

Irrelevant and null-result searches give frustration to customers. So, they are more likely to leave your site.

What’s worse? They will become traumatized and never come back again. So, you lose another potential customer when this happens.

But with search facets, it will only show results that your customers can relate to.

Collect Data Insights

Another benefit of search facets is the data it gives to you. These insights will then give you an idea of what customers want.

For example, it shows your customers’ browsing activities. Or maybe their search history.

So, it will help you improve your site. Plus, it’ll inspire you to personalize more offers to increase sales.

You will also know which products are in-demand. So, you can make smarter decisions for your next product launch.


Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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