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Consumer Product Discovery In Social Media 2021

Social Media and Mobile
Trends and Future of Retail
Jessica MillerJessica Miller | January 27, 2021

Consumer product discovery today is highly influential in social media. In this article, we are highlighting the top social media trends in 2021.

Social Media & Consumer Product Discovery

Do you know that more than half of internet users discover & purchase new products via social media? Statistics forecast that this should increase in time.

However, more is necessary than having an account on these platforms. Instead, knowing the latest social media trends should help. Particularly, in helping your target market find you.

Social Media Trends In 2021

So here are the top social media trends in 2021. Tailoring marketing strategies with these should boost your consumer product discovery.

1. The Influx Of Memes

As nonsense as these memes may be, but they truly make sense in marketing. Not to mention how it is gaining popularity in recent months. 

Do you know that a rise of 26% of memes occurs in only a year? This figure goes from August 2019 to July 2020. That is, from 19.8 million to 24.9 million. These figures go for both its usage and mentions.

Not to mention how it reached its peak of 28 million in April. That was the time when pandemic lockdowns were hardly imposed. Thus, people were gaining their social life into social media. As a result, 9 in 10 American users spend 30 minutes more on social media.

We all know how the pandemic is still on the surge. So it is likely to expect these figures to continually rise. With this in mind, memes in social media can truly make sense in marketing.

2. Live Video Shopping

In the pandemic, video streaming has been in demand more. This is why many platforms offer more video features in their businesses.

Statistics show that the market value of videos cost up to $42.9 billion in 2019. Moreover, they forecast that this should grow up to 20% in the following years.

Take ‘live video shopping’ for instance. In the first quarter of 2020 lockdown, there occur more than 4 million live shopping sessions in China.

In addition, Instagram also boosts its video features. For example, its live videos surge up to 70 percent from February to March. Thus, Instagram now allows ads before long videos on IGTV. 

However, this live video shopping is expected to be here for a long time. Consider Alibaba. This giant e-commerce now plans to recruit and train video influencers. Their purpose is to boost sales with AliExpress. 

With this in mind, do you see ways how to adapt this social media trend to your business?

3. Social Media Stories

All of the biggest social media platforms under Facebook- WhatsApp and Instagram. They all have the stories feature. This feature allows you to post a 24-hour limit of updates.

Statistics show its massive growth through the years. Consider Instagram. Its active users grew up to 5 times since 2016. That is, from 100 million daily active users to 500 million in 2019. Almost the same growth and progress goes with WhatsApp and Facebook Stories.

Now, how have you made use of these social media trends? Can you consider new ways to market more effectively on social media?

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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