Syte’s Branding Story

Through all the fashion fads and all the tech innovations, one thing has stayed the same: the joy of finding the exact piece you’ve been looking for. Syte is helping shoppers chase that “happy moment” where inspiration and reality meet.

When we sat down to think about what encompasses Syte and what drives us to do what we do, there were a few phrases that kept popping up. We talked about our tech and how we hoped to set the standard for visual search, but then we asked ourselves, what does that really mean? These are all great buzzwords, but they didn’t clearly express why we do what we do. And then we realized, we do it for that moment, that feeling when you know you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for. It usually comes after hours of online shopping and a few too many tabs open on your computer. But Syte’s technology takes that search and cuts the middle process out, bringing you straight from seeing what you want, to having it in your hands.

So we started from there, after all, it was that feeling that sparked the inspiration for Syte to begin with.

We wanted the new face of Syte to reflect how we all feel about the company. It had to be the perfect fusion of tech and style; innovative, adaptable and never boring. When thinking about which logo could clearly express all of these abstract ideas and after many hours of brainstorming, we finally agreed. Although style and tech are always changing, the core of what holds them together is the same; a love for pushing boundaries and enacting progress. So, like these industries that hold us together, the base of our logo is static, but the colors are dynamic. Adaptable to any mood, brand or taste, the colors that appear will be different almost every time you see it, but the logo itself will stay the same. The two triangles represent what started it all, that moment where inspiration and reality meet.

For us, the Syte team, this new logo is the true face of our company. It is used to remind us of why we believe in our product so much and, hopefully, to remind shoppers of the true joy that lies at the other end of the search.