Syte Snapshot: A Look at Our Product Updates From Q3 2022

Syte VP of Research and Development Yair Green shares the latest product releases, including a new recommendation carousel and platform integration, along with a number of new customer-facing features and backend tools. 

With the busy shopping season ahead, we are excited to share a number of new features for Syte solutions that will help connect your shoppers with products they’ll love during the holidays and beyond. Let’s dive in!


Syte’s new add-to-cart feature gives brands the ability to enable quick buys directly from any Syte recommendation carousel on their website (e.g. Shop the Look/Room, Frequently Bought Together, etc). For Syte customers using Augmented Site Search, add-to-cart can also be added to text search results. 

Shop the Collection 

Syte’s newest recommendation engine allows brands and retailers to showcase curated collections. Shop the Collection is based on product and business data paired with Syte’s AI deep tags and custom merchandising rules and ranking strategies. Shop the Collection carousels can be placed on a variety of pages, including a website’s homepage, blog posts, product detail pages (PDPs), carts and more.

Discovery Banner

Similar to Syte’s Discovery Button but now in a banner-like UI, the new Discovery Banner helps brands increase engagement and drive conversion uplift by displaying similar item search results in beautifully designed banners on PDPs. This feature enables shoppers to visually refine their search and makes every image shoppable. 

Klaviyo Email Marketing Integration

Syte has teamed up with Klaviyo, a global technology company that specializes in email marketing automation, to offer an out-of-the-box integration that leverages Syte’s recommendation carousels in email campaigns. Brands and retailers can use this new integration to turn their emails into a high-performing marketing channel based on visual AI. For example, when shoppers abandon their carts, the new API can auto-generate email content with Shop Similar recommendation carousels. 

Experiments Tool

Syte’s new Experiments Tool gives brands the opportunity to run A/B tests on their Syte settings in order to understand how rule-based changes will impact conversion rate, average order value, and average revenue per user, among other parameters. The experiment’s results can be monitored in our analytics hub, and then the winning variant can be adopted in order to recognize greater business value.  

Filter Management

Brands and retailers using Syte’s Augmented Site Search can now customize how filters are displayed on their site and add new filters from their product catalogue or from Syte’s AI generated tags. 

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working on updates to the Lexicon Manager in our AI Tagging and Merchandising offering, a new self-service UI editor for various Syte products, two new recommendation engines (Shop Social and Out of Stock), and more. Stay tuned for the next set of product updates!