What’s in a Moment? Behind the Scenes of Syte’s New Look

It takes a split second to react to an image. To decide whether to stop scrolling or to carry on. But within that single moment lies incredible potential — pure inspiration.

Five years ago, we built Syte to empower both consumers and brands to seize that moment of inspiration, to connect shoppers to the products that make them stop in their tracks.

From day one, our logo was designed to capture our DNA, two triangles representing the confluence of inspiration and the innovative technology that enables shoppers to act on it.

Syte's new look: Product Discovery Platform Brand DNA

Today, that core remains, but so much has changed in the time that’s passed. We’ve grown both our team and the breadth of our solution tremendously: from a camera search tool to the world’s first product discovery platform. We’ve trained our visual AI engine to master the fashion, jewelry, and home decor verticals, and we now have the world’s most robust lexicon of vertical-specific product attributes. We also have the privilege of delivering intuitive and memorable customer experiences in partnership with some of the biggest, most innovative brands and retailers around the globe.

Along the way, we’ve witnessed the true power and impact of the moment when inspiration and technology meet, and Syte’s new look is dedicated to exactly that.

By working together with the talented designers and branding specialists at Atreo, we were able to distill the essence of Syte’s mission to create intuitive and delightful product discovery experiences and to build a visual language around it.

Syte’s New Look: A Moment is Born

In the space where the two elements of the Syte logo converge, a new shape is created — the shape of the moment when seamless product discovery experiences are unlocked. The shape of the moment when inspiration is seized.

Syte's new look: product discovery platform logo gif

Our new branding is an homage to that moment and the world within it.

We are now living in the age of inspiration overdrive. Consumers see products they love near-continuously — on their phones, their computers and tablets, or just walking down the street.

They’re experiencing hundreds of moments of inspiration each day, but for the most part, these moments end in frustration: no tags or mentions, a broken or untrustworthy link, no time to ask where that perfect bag is from.

Syte’s new shape represents freedom from that frustration. It’s about the connection, the experience of finding the bag and checking out instantly.

This is the path to purchase that shoppers today have come to expect as convenience increasingly becomes a cornerstone of their online experiences with free next-day shipping, endless options, instant 24/7 live chat service, and more.

Capturing Inspiration Through Customer Experience

Syte’s new look is also the visual expression of the changes and developments we’ve made to our technology. We began with Camera Search, and now we have an entire product discovery platform with solutions that work together to create 360-degree customer experiences that make the most of every moment of inspiration.

Although today’s shoppers uniformly expect more from brands and retailers, they have distinct tastes, habits, and styles of interaction. For every shopper that needs Camera Search, there’s another who prefers searching via text, and yet another who’s looking for more visual inspiration to ensure they’re getting the item that’s right for them. Product discovery is as multifaceted and unique as your customers are.

Our new product discovery platform combines a Visual Discovery Suite and Searchandising Suite, so brands can ensure that the gateway to their entire customer experience — product discovery — is instant, intuitive, and delightful.

The solutions, including Camera Search, the Discovery Icon, Augmented Search, personalization and recommendation engines, and more, are interconnected, in much the same way our logo is. They build on one another’s capabilities to create hyper-personalized product discovery experiences that speak to each individual shopper at the right time and in the most relevant way.

Looking to the Future

Syte’s new look is just the beginning. At a time when the key differentiator for brands and retailers is customer experience, we’re obsessed with creating the product discovery experiences that will not just encourage shoppers to purchase, but that will also ensure they come back time and time again.

We are at a unique juncture in eCommerce, wherein brands and retailers are benefitting from a surge in traffic and interest from shoppers. In the wake of COVID-19, retention will be the key indicator separating the brands and retailers that will thrive from those that will struggle. The rise in eCommerce traffic is both exciting and important for our industry, but it will ultimately only be meaningful in the long-term for those that use the momentum to introduce shoppers to compelling on-site experiences.

The brands that internalize the significance of a single moment of inspiration and provide product discovery experiences that truly cater to it are the ones that will see these curious, new shoppers become brand loyalists in the coming months. As a comprehensive product discovery platform, we are dedicated to giving brands all the tools they need to win over these shoppers.

It takes a split second for a shopper to fall in love with a product. We’re here to help you use that time wisely.