Syte Announces Partnership with Loyalty Management Platform, Antavo to Improve Customer Experience

Syte, the market leader in visual AI technology for retail, announced today that they have partnered with the loyalty management platform, Antavo to drastically improve customer experience for retail shoppers.

Antavo is the leading customer loyalty technology for fashion and retail in Europe. In the past, customer retention programs have been limited to simply rewarding transactions. Antavo uses Recognition Loyalty™ to strengthen bonds with customers beyond transactions and build loyalty through engagement, exclusivity, and advocacy. For example, customers can be rewarded for working out, referring a friend, or wearing products.


Antavo’s advanced loyalty technology encourages higher engagement and awareness of Syte’s visual search technology. By pairing Syte’s innovative visual search solutions with Antavo’s loyalty program, retailers can incentivise shoppers to interact with and explore these new solutions, increasing engagement and deepening their understanding of their shoppers’ interests.


Attila Kecsmar, CEO and Co-founder at Antavo says, “We are thrilled to be in a partnership with Syte, as our solutions complement each other really well. Combining visual search with Recognition Loyalty™ unlocks a whole new chapter in the history of customer engagement, and I’m sure that we together will provide a better experience for shoppers than ever before.”

As customer experience takes the front seat in retail, especially eCommerce, it is up to retailers to ensure that their shoppers are supported, engaged and inspired from start to finish.

“When introducing a new feature such as visual search, it is imperative that retailers properly introduce, educate and incentivise their shoppers to take full advantage of it,” explains Syte’s CEO Co-founder, Ofer Fryman. “Antavo was the clear choice to strengthen this piece of the user journey and ensure we are supporting our retail clients to the fullest extent.”