Syte Snapshot: A Look at Our Product Updates This Quarter

Syte Product Manager Gal Ben Ami shares the latest product releases, including platform integrations, a new color variants feature, and more. 

As we head into Q4 and the holiday shopping rush, we have a bunch of exciting product releases to share that will amplify the impact of Syte’s solutions during the busiest time of the year and beyond. 

Let’s take a look at our product updates from the last quarter:

Instantly Integrate Syte’s Solutions With Leading eCommerce Platforms

Syte now has complete integrations with Shopify/Shopify Plus and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This makes it both easier and faster to get Syte’s solutions up and running on your website, reducing the need for development resources and allowing for greater flexibility in your deployment. 

What’s included in the integrations?

In addition to easy, customizable implementation for all Syte’s solutions —  including visual search, site search, product recommendations, product tagging, personalization, and more — the eCommerce platform cartridges also include: 

  • Automated product feed mapping, export, and updates

Brands and retailers using Syte’s new platform integrations can automate the mapping and tagging of their entire product catalogue, including customizing the data fields within their product feed. The integration also makes it easy to schedule regular exports of your product feed to Syte, so all search results and product recommendations will be up to date with what’s currently available in your inventory. 

  • eCommerce events and JavaScript tag or pixel 

When you install the Syte cartridge on Shopify and SFCC websites, eCommerce events are set up automatically, so you can better track the actions shoppers take on your website. Plus, depending on your implementation type, you can automatically add either Syte’s JavaScript tag or pixel to all page headers, as well as sync SKU numbers with the relevant product detail pages, giving you the data you need to understand how shoppers move through your site, which products they interact with, and how to create the experiences that will lead to conversion.  

Syte’s Android SDK Is Ready 

You can now integrate Syte’s solutions more easily with native mobile apps. Our Android SDK means you need less time and fewer development resources to implement Syte and create a seamless mobile product discovery experience on your app. 

The Android SDK includes Camera Search, the Discovery Button, Shop SImilar, Shop the Look, and personalized recommendation carousels, as well as Augmented Site Search. 

Showcase Color Variants in Search Results 

With Syte’s new color variants feature, you can improve discoverability and align search results with your business goals by displaying available colors beneath each search result. Not only does this give shoppers the opportunity to engage with and discover new product variants without clicking through to a PDP, but it also enables better filtering capabilities, including showcasing only similar items that come in the shopper’s preferred color. 

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working on our integration with Magento, releasing our iOS SDK, and adding the color variant feature to all Syte solutions. Stay tuned for the next set of product updates!