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Ecommerce Killed Textual Product Search… What Comes Next?

Product search innovations made outside of text search have made some incredible strides, but it’s only now that we can see the death of text-based…

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What Visual Search Means for Ecommerce

There have been rumblings around ecommerce for the past few years about visual search and what it can do. Millions of dollars have been invested…

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How Visual Product Search Drives eCommerce Purchases

In the age of information, trying to persuade consumers to buy your product, in particular, can feel like a spaghetti-throwing experiment. Companies are trying to…

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7 Ways Visual Search Improves the eCommerce Experience

Visual search for ecommerce is a tool that is changing the way consumers shop. We know that customers love visuals — they just haven’t been…

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Visual Search for eCommerce: What the Field Looks Like in 2018

The last quarter always opens the floodgates for predicting trends for the new year. While some of them will be true, many will be fleeting,…

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Why Visual Search Should be in Your Pipeline Next Quarter

Prioritizing features and spend for e-commerce sites is difficult, especially because digital trends can be capricious. (Remember the avalanche of “pivot to video?” That was…

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Image Technology for Business (And Why You Need It)

Image technologies — notably deep tagging and AI — are propping up all over the consumer space, from ASOS to Pinterest to Boohoo. What they…

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A Brief History of Automatic Photo Tagging, Pt 2

In part two of A Brief History of Automatic Photo Tagging, we’re exploring automatic photo tagging of today and tomorrow in an area that early…

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