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The Next Generation Visual AI is All About Increased Accuracy

The way consumers are discovering, finding, and buying products is changing. With the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets, more and more are relying on…

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eCommerce: Text-based search is the problem. Visual Search is the solution.

Marketplaces, retailers, and brands are already aware that most consumers today go online to jumpstart their product search. According to Retail Dive, 87% of shoppers…

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How Visual Search Navigation Makes Home Décor Shopping Intuitive

From a simple light fixture to a corner banquette, shopping for home décor can be dizzying for customers when they don’t have the words to…

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How Visual Search Amplifies the Democratization of Fashion and Celebrates Individuality

Visual search facilitates the trickling down of inspiration from glossy magazines, through social media influencers to each and every one of us. Today, everyone has…

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Ecommerce Killed Textual Product Search… What Comes Next?

Product search innovations made outside of text search have made some incredible strides, but it’s only now that we can see the death of text-based…

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What Visual Search Means for Ecommerce

There have been rumblings around ecommerce for the past few years about visual search and what it can do. Millions of dollars have been invested…

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How Visual Product Search Drives eCommerce Purchases

In the age of information, trying to persuade consumers to buy your product, in particular, can feel like a spaghetti-throwing experiment. Companies are trying to…

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7 Ways Visual Search Improves the eCommerce Experience

Visual search for ecommerce is a tool that is changing the way consumers shop. We know that customers love visuals — they just haven’t been…

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