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Your Chatbot Content Strategy Cheat Sheet

Chatbots have been around for quite some time now, and only recently made it into the mainstream at an accelerated rate, thanks to the popularity…

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Here’s Why Your Retail Brand Can’t Afford To Overlook CXO

Interacting with retail customers has come a long way from the days of mom & pop’s shops and department stores. The whole industry still strives…

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Why Customer Experience Is the New Retail Battlefield

There is an adage that the customer is always right, which was circulated to generations of both consumers and retailers. Yet modern, empowered customers have…

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How Image Recognition Technologies Can Improve Your UX

Designing modern user experience without focus on visuals equals blinding your customers and driving your business into an equally blind alley. As the effective use…

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Top 4 Ways to Transform the Retail Experience with Technology

The retail experience is no longer what it used to be. Since the olden days, it solely referred to physical brick-and-mortar stores. Then in the…

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How Syte’s Intuitive UX/UI Can Help Boost Your Revenue

The rise of the concept of user experience (UX) has shaken both industries and customers alike, as it posited the buyer’s journey as the prime…

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The Rise And Fall Of Google’s “First Click Free” Policy

With the decline of print media, online information has emerged as a main source of published content for much of the developed world. Timely delivery…

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Is Original Content Being Glorified Way Too Much?

Here is an interesting fact to consider: Despite people going on about the importance of originality, they often find themselves reverting back to previous content…

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