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This Is How Quickly The Brain Processes Images

How quickly do you think the brain processes images? As you can imagine, it’s far quicker than the blink of an eye. In fact, visual…

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Chatbots are the Future of Marketing

Humans may have created chatbots, but it’s the chatbots that are teaching us about the future of marketing. The creation of the simplest of chatbots…

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How to Leverage Sales for the Holidays Using Chatbots

There is an age-old question that’s been bothering retailers since the dawn of commerce, how to interact as meaningfully as possible with as many customers…

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Digital Marketing to the Z Generation – Here is What You Need to Know

As the generational alphabet has come to its end, you can say that there is a sense of “finality” when it comes to the latest…

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Chatbots For Customer Service? YES!

Chatbots have come a long way since their birth decades ago. Companies of all sizes are using them for a variety of reasons, including the…

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How to Measure the Influence of Your UX on Your ROI

User experience (UX) has come into focus in numerous businesses as a concept that balances profits and customer’s interests in equal measure. On one hand,…

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Innovative UX eCommerce Solutions to Consider

Over the past few years, ecommerce has become an ever growing financial pie everyone wants a piece of. Although we are lucky enough that it…

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How to Broaden Retail Tactics through User Intent

The retail industry has undergone a silent revolution over the past few years as it shifted its focus from supply chains to buyers themselves. None…

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