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eCommerce and the Increase in Mobile Phone Usage

Mobile phone usage has gone up more than you may have expected. As much as 89% of mobile phone consumers in the US alone look…

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Savvy Retailers Know: Mobile Images Get Amplified With AI

Now more than ever, retailers and brands are using AI to get the most out of their digital assets, especially on mobile devices. This is…

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Mobile Shoppers: They Spend Twice As Much

Mobile commerce is growing, and it is growing fast. By the close of 2017, it is estimated that over two billion smartphone and tablet users…

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The History Of Mobile Commerce

Can you guess how long the concept of “mobile commerce” has been in existence? People have been making purchases from their smart devices for about…

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Facts You Must Know About Mobile Commerce

Shopping, especially online shopping, has dramatically improved in recent months thanks to technological advancements. The changes haven’t only taken place to benefit consumers. Online retailers…

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The Connection Between eCommerce, Mobile Commerce and AI

In the eCommerce scene, we’re hearing a lot about mobile commerce and AI these days, but is there a connection between them? Absolutely! We’ve previously…

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Visual Social Commerce Is Growing Fast

The Internet has experienced significant changes in the past decade, and it is mostly thanks to images. Images initially started to dominate across social networks…

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WhatsApp Business App will be Perfect for eCommerce

WhatsApp continues to be one of the leading messaging apps worldwide. With over 1 billion active users each day, it’s safe to say that their…

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