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Videos that break down complex ideas, technologies, and our journey in reinventing the way retailers sell and consumers buy.

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How to Increase the Findability and Buyability of Your Online Products

As customers are increasingly turning to e-commerce to scratch their shopping itch, modern retailers found themselves faced with the need to help shoppers find their…

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Rundown Of Characteristics of A+ eCommerce Websites

The best eCommerce websites feature far more than a collection of enticing products- they feature a delightful online shopping experience for their customers. If you’re…

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How To Make Your Editorial And Commercial Teams Collaborate

Strict division between editorial and commercial teams at times seems to be as old as separation of church and state. Both issues provoke strong feelings…

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The Push for Retailers to Create New Revenue Streams

The Need for More Across the Board

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This Is Why Visual Search Is Important

The implementation of visual search technology is popping up all over the place, but what is it exactly? By its name alone, it doesn’t sound…

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How To Be Less Dependent on Social Media Traffic

As a self-respecting publisher, you surely already know that the lifeline of your website is the traffic it attracts. Figures related to traffic can be…

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Visual Search in eCommerce: Making Waves in Fashion

Fashion brands, retailers, and publishers take note: your eCommerce needs some edge, and now is the time to get on board the visual search train….

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Chatbots for eCommerce: The Fashionable Choice

Just as technology is proving to be evolving at an alarming rate, so are the methods being used to engage customers for eCommerce. Most fashion…

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