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Videos that break down complex ideas, technologies, and our journey in reinventing the way retailers sell and consumers buy.

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The Digital Treasure Hunt: Discovery Best Practices for the Second-Hand Economy

Anna Sui once said, “Clothing is so magical. You can really use it to create yourself in a certain way. It’s kind of a vocabulary…

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Getting Product Discovery Right for Every Generation

From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, there’s no one-size-fits-all discovery strategy that will work across generations. Each age group has a distinct purchasing style based…

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The Untapped Power of Social Commerce

Social commerce is shaking up the retail world as the line between social media and eCommerce continues to blur. With social distancing and people opting…

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The Top 7 Retail and eCommerce Blogs Today

Retail is in a state of flux. By 2023, global retail sales are projected to reach $30 trillion. Of which, digital retail sales are expected…

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8 Key Factors to Consider When Creating the Ideal Customer Experience

By now, we’re all familiar with the importance of customer experience: from personalized ads to unforgettable unboxings to a perfect post-purchase email flow, today’s shoppers…

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Bring It Home: Practical Tips for Brands to Connect on Another Level With Home Decor Shoppers

Creating the “ideal” home is about much more than buying furniture and selecting colors for the walls.  For many of us, our home is an…

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9 Tactics From Winning Brands to Stay Top-Of-Mind Today

Is marketing during a pandemic necessary? On one side, only 37% of consumers want brands to continue to advertise as normal, according to GlobalWebIndex. On…

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The Death of The Customer Journey

It’s time to forget about “customer journeys.” Sounds radical? Let me explain. Today, consumers face a non-stop flood of content that is designed to get…

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